Events & other Gigs

A Variety of Venues

• Taverns • Night-clubs • Restaurants • Private Homes • Barn Dances • Occasions


Taverns - Night Clubs

Yes! Carl plays professionally in bars, night-clubs and restaurants. From cover songs to his originals he is ready to entertain.


Private Homes

House concerts are a fun way to enjoy time with friends, family and neighbors.

Host it in your home, barn, garage or backyard. Mixed it up with a dinner party, barbecue, pot-luck or bon-fire.

I bet you have ideas already! Right?


Barn Dances

Oh the romance of a barn dance.

Yes, Carl has a history of playing barn dances. Find your venue and get in touch.



Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays . . . even blue moons. Anything goes. Think up an excuse for a party and send Carl a message.